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Cooling Libations

June 6th, 2012 • Posted by Janell Loving • Permalink

Scorching hot temperatures demand cool summer drinks. We searched the globe for an assortment of refreshments that incorporate aromatic, fruity flavors, fresh mint and citrus to keep you cool and hydrated all summer long. Check out these thirst-quenching blended drinks and add a refreshing twist to your next outdoor party. It's time to mix it up, add a burst of fresh and chill all summer long! Recipes are Here.

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Do you know who invented hair color?

October 6th, 2010 • Posted by Seth Gardenswartz • Permalink

Fun hair fact for Friday! Did you know the the founder of L'Oreal, French chemist Eugene Schueller, invented the first synthetic hair dye in 1907? He named his new hair dye product "Aureole". Thankfully for us, color treatments have come a long way since then, and we would know! Rituals was voted one of the top 3 salon...s in the metropolitan Richmond region for color!

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Social Media Guiding Principles

June 25th, 2010 • Posted by Seth Gardenswartz • Permalink

Social media should be viewed as a component of your overall marketing strategy, not a separate piece.  It is an opportunity to listen to and respond to customer needs while communicating your spa culture and extending your brand message.

Service Your Customers.

Just like the customer service philosophy at your spa, your social media posts should focus on extending that same service to your online community with an eye toward solving problems quickly.

Provide Expertise and Insight.

Social media is a great tool spas can use to assist clients in fulfilling their need for information, value, and community and to provide information that aids in attaining their personal goals of wellness, health and feeling better each day. General spa stories that convey information or spa treatments that have produced valuable resulsparent with the information you provide using social media.  Consumers can see through dishonesty but they will also respect those who take responsibility fts can be very beneficial and easily conveyed using social media.

It is perfectly fine to look for and use valuable spa information that others have created, but make sure you credit the sources and always give them proper attribution in the post.

Be Sincere, Credible and Ethical.

Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.

-Confucius, Analects


Always be honest and tranor their treatment of others.

Keep it Professional.

Don't include personal information unless it weaves logically into information that is valuable to your consumers.  A story that communicates a bad service experience is fine as long as you follow up with information that consumers can use in the future to make good purchase decisions.

When you use social media you are always "on the record" so never attack a person and choose your words wisely.  Bottom line, it pays to think twice about posting something personal via social media.

Ask Questions.

Harness social media to initiate a conversation with your spa community.  It is sometimes very helpful to ask them what they think about a spa or service topic and get honest feedback from them.  Don't be afraid to ask a relevant question, you will be surprised how many people will want to help answer it.

Don't Sell.

Use social media to provide more value in the form of information, observation, spa tips, consult and convenience.  The value you extend regularly will produce the motivation to take action.

Reward Your Best Clients.

 Believe it, great clients are not always looking for a deal so when they receive a special spa offer, limited-time promotion or an invitation to an event from your spa, it engenders continued loyalty.  We all want to feel like we are special and the reality is that your best clients are increasingly valuable so going beyond their expectations once in a while is worth it.

Social Media SEO

Now your spa's Facebook page is integrated in search engine results so make sure it is optimized.  That means using your specific spa keywords in the content.  It is important, consistently posting via social media will have a cumulative SEO (search engine optimization) effect.

Social media requires some work and attention so make sure it is worth it by ensuring that all of it can be found online That means having a flexible website, that is updated regularly with fresh content.

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